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Risk Management

Creating your Protection Shield

Many times people come to us for help with their protection needs we find they are either over or under insured. Having the right coverage at the right cost to protect your family is cornerstone of financial planning.

Below is a brief description of the key Risk Management areas.

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Life Insurance

What kind of Life Insurance fits your family?

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Income Protection

Can we financially sustain our lifestyle if one of us can't work for an extended period of time?

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Legacy and Estate Planning

Making sure our final affairs are in good order is a daunting task, when was the last time you updated your Will or Trust?

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Property & Casualty 

What would happen if we are at fault in an accident and get sued? 

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Life Insurance

Life and Long Term Care Hybrids

Many companies are creating products that combine Long-Term Care benefits with Life Insurance. This gives clients the flexibility to use their life insurance to cover multiple aspects of their risk management portfolios

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Retirement Supplements 

When put into place earlier enough, clients are able to use their life insurance for supplemental income at retirement     

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Limited Payment Periods

Most permanent insurance coverage requires you to pay premiums for your entire life.  Today, most companies offer limited pay contractsso that we can design a payment plan that makes sense for your life.

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